Support OpossumTS

Hey there! is supplying you with a completely free to user teamspeak including your own, personal channel.

Therefore, we're happy about every support we get. It doesn't matter if you're doing some advertisement for us, integrate to the community or even donate. Most important is just being here.

Thats how you can support us:

1.) Get you're friends

The easiest and best way to help us is to tell your friends about the project - every user using the server and integrating to the community is a great support!

2.) Advertise in Social Networks

Of course you can also help us by advertising on social media like Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. Images are provided by team members. On request, we can also send you files that you can print out.

Please make sure that:

- Your advertisement reflects our TS philosophy
- You use one of our official server addresses
- Your advertising is understandable and error-free
- your ad is not perceived as spam (do not advertise too often)

3.) Donate

Of course, we are very happy about financial support.

Our project is associated with monthly costs, which are paid from the private funds of us. Although sponsors & advertising bring money, but not enough.

With a donation from you the community can offer this extensive offer and is future-proof. Donations are of course completely voluntary!

If you have any questions, please contact the administration.